Thursday, February 27, 2014

From the heart!

Don't give up! There is a happily ever after for those that want it. Most people say they want it. Sad reality is most people aren't ready for it. That phrase "if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready" has a lot of truth to it. Get yourself together, do you for a spell or season and allow it to flow. Yes! There will be more hiccups, stay the course, you know what and who you are....

Loving everyday

Friday, February 21, 2014

Practice what you preach!

This is me: Qevyn SugaBear Carter, 5'10" 238lbs. 43 years of age.

To look at me you would think, "he looks like he's in good shape." I would like to think so myself. Truth is, I am in good health, however I suffer from a few health issues.

Because I don't claim these, I will still list what I have been diagnosed with having.

Diabetes Type II
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
CHF Congestive Heart Failure/Cardiomyopathy
I own a $112,000 Pacemaker implantable device

Oh! and somewhat bad eating habits that rears its ugly head every now and then.

Some of it has been brought on by a genetic marker that's been placed on my mother's side of the family. However, I could have avoided all of these things with proper diet, good sleeping habits, lower levels of stress. All which are under my control. No one made me eat bad, I stressed myself out, I stayed up and partied to the wee hours. Most healthy people will say they did the same things and they're fine. Remember, I said genetics play a big part. I could've avoided or at least limited these things from happening. Now, I don't have any regrets, because I didn't know what I know now. I'm glad I do know now, because I want to pass it on to my children and my friends and other family.

Most doctors will say these conditions are irreversible. I say they are. God has the last word. And science has proven with proper diet and allowing the body to heal itself by fasting properly, things can be reversed.

I'm big on Health as most of you know by now. I had to give up my law enforcement career prematurely because of my health.
So once again, I'm finding myself having to tweak more things. I can't eat the things that I would like to eat at risk of overdoing it. I'm not so good with moderation. I have to go cold turkey or I may slip.

I refuse to lose.
I have kids I need to see Graduate, get married, become men and women. I need to be there for my future wife. Oh yes, Qevyn will get married again. :-)

I will be selfish about a lot of things my health isn't one of those things, because so many depend on me.

I Love you all, Pray for me, and I will pray for you always.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Valentine's Day Thought From SugaBear!

A day away from a celebrated day of love and I know there are men and women struggling to do something special for their mate. Stop! It shouldn't be a chore if you're making them feel special everyday. Relax and be yourself. No need to impress someone you love and who loves you back. And there is definitely no need to impress someone new in your life. That should've been done during your courtship. And for those who have chosen this day as a first date day. Not a good idea. Expectations will be set too high, and if you are not who you are on this day, everyday, then its gonna be doomed from the start. Choose a different day.

Valentine's Day should be enjoyed by family and friends as well as couples to celebrate Love.

Enough of my thoughts. I'm going to truly enjoy this day with special people.

I love them dearly...

Oh for the Married folks. Please try something new and exciting... Massages, Low lit candlelight cuddling, Love games, Naked Twister for the adventurous. Lol

Love All Of you!


Friday, February 7, 2014

My Rant: Is it me?

A few days ago a really good friend of mine and I were talking about the Bible and specifically Jesus and his importance to our salvation. We both came to the conclusion that "Christians need to study the Bible and not just read it. Meditate on every word. Recognize the importance of the old testament and how it relates to the new testament. You can't have one without the other.

I get beside myself when I hear my fellow Christians pick and choose what scriptures to live by. Or better yet either misquote or select bits and pieces of a verse to either lift their situation and chastise someone else for not following.

Read the entire scripture to understand the context of the scripture, so that when you take bits and pieces from it, you won't misuse the words.

Here's a simple way of looking at the Bible: Imagine someone giving you a bag. And they tell you that in the bag are 100 pieces of a puzzle, that when put together will be of a beautiful sunset. You take the bag, the someone walks away. You enjoy putting puzzles together so you're excited by the challenge and what the joy of completing it will bring you, along with having a beautiful picture to share. You open the bag in haste only to find 3 pieces to the puzzle. There is a note in the bag as well that reads, "My Word is like the beautiful sunset you so eagerly wanted to see, but without all of the pieces you can't see the beauty and enjoy sharing your accomplishment for others to see. My Word is complete by itself don't add or take away from it." -God

You will never understand its word choosing pieces to live by.

Treat the bible the way its meant to be treated. "Instructions for a Glorious life on this planet, which gives you the key to Heaven if you follow the instruction"

God Bless You all


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This one is for the Lovers

As Valentine's Day is coming upon us, we look to celebrate our love on a day where everyone does it together. Like Christmas and Thanksgiving we should give Christ the glory everyday and give "Thanks" daily. Valentine's day is the same. Show and express love to your mate daily not just on this day.

So many relationships end before this day. One reason men breakup with their mates prior to this date is because they don't want to have to pick and choose which woman they want to spend that day with, so they end it or disappear on that day. So ladies and gents if you haven't been invited to spend this day with your mate, then you're not the one. The only excuse is if he or she dies, ends up in the hospital on their way to spend time with you, they are working (seriously) and in the last instance a plan should be devised in order to do something special at some part of that day.

You know me, I'm all about love. Most people ask me, "Qev, why aren't you in a relationship?" I reply, "Who says I am Not?" I'm a private person. I just may be madly in love with someone or I may just be cool with flying solo. Either way Love is in me. I love sharing my thoughts. They come from the heart.

For all of the couples, Married, engaged, dating that's growing into something deeper. Put your mate first before yourself and watch how much stronger you grow together.

My random thought is complete

Love you all

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Checking in this year!

I hope and pray everyone is living their lives with a purpose. Even with setbacks you should still find joy in all things. Fitness goals are being reached! Don't give up on a better you! I'm striving, and continuing to build upon the things I have started and will continue to progress. God is reaching out... Listen to your heart and believe the best is yet to come.
Cheers! Here's to you!
Q 2.0