Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ladies, be a little bit more accommodating. Help us men out.

It drives us crazy when we give you the opportunity to choose and you don't, and then when we choose you shoot down our suggestions.

That drives us crazy!

Stop that $hit!!!!!


Sex and the casual relationship

Relationships can be tricky. Thats because there are different dynamics that makes each relationship different. Let's start with the monogamous relationship. This is the relationship that leads to engagement and marriage when its done the right way. One man, one woman. This is what most strive for. This day and age this type of relationship is losing its luster to immature men and women with no morals. SO comes the dawn of the casual relationship or more commonly called the friend with benefits.

I don't have a problem with men and women engaging in this arrangement. The problem I have is when you involve someone that doesn't want this arrangement. We are all adults. Some smarter and more intelligent than others. We make decisions based on our wants. Its the selfish nature of man. So enjoy your escapades. Leave the men and women that are trying to do the right thing ALONE!!!

We need to come to a point of truth. Having multiple friends with benefits is cool when you've voiced it and let the parties involved know that's all its going to be.

Qevyn SugaBear Carter

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Guy Moments

Women!!! There is no need to be this crazy!

Ladies, never allow a man to make you this crazy. If he disrespects you, Leave! If he cheats on you, Leave! If he is physically abusive to you or mentally abusive to you, Leave. No one is worth jail time. And if the man you're with puts his hands on you as a result of this behavior...I don't condone abuse. I would understand if he stomped on your toes...ijs.

You need to love enough to let go! Your sanity is precious, don't let anything steal your joy. Including the man you loved to death. No pun intended.